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Protesting a Fantasy Football Trade

If you believe a trade that occurred in your league is so unbalanced that it may reflect collusion between the owners, or if the trade is just so bad that it disrupts the integrity of the league, you may protest the league. DataForce commissioners monitor all trades, but we seldom overturn a trade unless it's protested.

Trades are processed immediately upon acceptance, but may be reversed by the commissioner if necessary.

Protest a trade within 12 hours of its acceptance in this manner:

  1. For leagues hosted on DataForce software, you should protest the trade by clicking on the option at the bottom of the trade email. You won't need to use this page at all; one click will do the job. It is a good idea to make sure you are set up to receive trade notifications on the owner preferences page, if only so that you'll have the ability to protest trades if you need it.
  2. For leagues hosted on MyFantasyLeague software, you must protest trades by using this page. You must provide the details of the trade, by noting the players and compensation each team receives. The simplest way to do this is to cut-and-paste from the MyFantasyLeague trade notification email.

How Trade Reviews Work

The point of a trade review is for the commissioner to gather information from the league in which it occurred, and from similar leagues about whether or not the trade is truly imbalanced. This information is collected up until 24 hours after acceptance of the trade, when the commissioner will make a decision.

The commissioner reserves the right to veto any trade for any reason, but the decision to veto usually means all of the following requirements are met:

  • Are there at least three votes against the trade within the league (including the protestor)?
  • Do the "no" votes exceed the "yes" votes within the league, and do they agree that the same side wins the trade?
  • Do the "no" votes exceed the "yes" votes from the impartial trade jury, and do they agree that the same side wins the trade?
  • The commissioner also uses a trade calculator to evaluate each trade. Does the calculator agree with the "no" votes?

Learn more about trade reviews in the rulebook.

Protest Trade

Do not use this page to protest a trade that occurred on DataForce software; instead, protest such trades by responding to the trade email.