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Season-Long Fantasy Football

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Play in Fantasy Football Money Leagues

Deposit Funds by E-check, PayPal or Credit Card

DataForce Fantasy Football lets you deposit funds in the most economical way in which you feel comfortable. We take payments by e-check, PayPal and by Credit Card, and by removing the cost of deposit processing out of the league fees, we let you save money by selecting cheaper deposit methods.

How to Withdraw Funds

You can with draw funds from your account at any time, whether those funds were deposited and unused or whether you won them as prizes. There is no cost for withdrawal. You withdraw by submitting a check request, and the money is not actually removed from your account balance until the withdrawal is processed by us (always within 48 hours).

Fantasy Football Customer Referral Program

Want to earn a little extra bonus money to pay for leagues? Refer your friends to DataForce Fantasy Football, and each friend who deposits money with us (at least $38) will send a bonus of $12 your way, enough for one commissioner-fee-free league!

Referal bonus money is not the same as real money. You can't withdraw it from your account. You can, however, use it to pay the commissioner portion of any entry fee for a new league ... usually, $12. You are effectively playing for free, contributing only to the prize fund and paying no service costs.

Make a note of your Referral Number on the top right of this page. You must give this to your friends. When they create new accounts with us, they can type in your referral number, so that their first deposit will send bonus money your way.

Viewing Financial Transactions

Your account page gives you all the details you need to view your balances:

  • Available Balance - the money you have on account right now, which may be spent on new leagues.
  • Keeper Deposits - this shows the deposit money held for each multi-year team you own. You may or may not have actually paid these deposits; it doesn't matter. The deposits are on your teams, and you'll get this money back for any league which discontinues.
  • Bonus Money - Whether earned as toilet bowl prizes, referal bonuses, or other incentives, this is money that may be used to pay the commissioner portion of your entry fees. This is usually $12.

You may view historical detail of every transaction on your account, whether real money or bonus money. Just click the appropriate View button

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