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Season-Long Fantasy Football

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About DataForce Fantasy Football

DataForce has been a respected provider of quality computer software since 1987. In 2015, following the demise of several competitors, DataForce decided to help fill the void by entering the world of Fantasy Football.

DataForce is a contest provider and commissioner service. Our focus is to provide a worry-free, friendly, and smooth fantasy football experience for your enjoyment. Our role as a commissioner service is to:

  • Organize leagues according to your preferences
  • Facilitate and guide your draft, using various drafting options
  • Secure your prize fund in an attorney-audited trust fund where you can see it waiting for you
  • Set your league up for play on the selected game host (DataForce or MyFantasyLeague)
  • Make decisions regarding fair practices, especially in regards to player trades
  • Settle disputes between players
  • Build playoff brackets and release prize money to the winners

We strive to provide friendly money games of all levels with fantastic prize returns. Click here to see prize payouts.

Lee Harmon, owner of DataForce Fantasy Football Lee has been playing fantasy football for over twenty years, playing at all levels and all league formats. He is the developer of the software and the league commissioner.

I've been programming computers for about 40 years, ever since taking a job as a high school junior in a computer services bureau. It's really all I know how to do. My interest in fantasy sports began as a statistical challenge, back in the early 90's, and it was pretty easy to win leagues back then using nothing but a home-grown computer program. Nowadays, of course, winning requires a lot more research, but the bug was planted and I've been a fantasy groupie ever since, playing in football, basketball, baseball and hockey.

Today I live in Minnesota, work in IT in City Government, and manage leagues as a commissioner on DataForce in my spare time, with the hope that I can soon retire and just do football. I have four wonderful grown kids and three grandkids, but they're spread around the nation, and I dream of not being tied down to a job so that I can visit them all. Fantasy Football, Leslie and I hope, will give us a retirement income doing something we both thoroughly enjoy.

When it's not football season I enjoy board games, traveling, studying first-century Christianity (I blog when I have time at The Dubious Disciple) and piano.

Leslie Leslie focuses on the administrative side of the business, creating, helping to fill, and implementing all of the leagues.

I grew up in Bergen County, NJ and have lived there most of my life.

I worked in Manhattan, NY for several years as a typesetter for an advertising agency back in the day. I have had various positions over the years, typesetting and paste up positions as well as administrative duties. I became a full time caregiver to my husband who had a stroke from diabetic complications. He passed away in 2004.

In 2010 I moved to Minnesota. I enjoy the summers here but NOT the winters! I enjoy biking, reading, traveling, fantasy football (duh!) and spending time with our families. I do some freelance usability testing of websites for functionality. I currently handle customer service and assist with setting up leagues and other administrative duties for Dataforce.

Lee and I married in October 2016!

DataForce, LLC
Lino Lakes, MN 55014