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Fantasy Football Orphan Auction Guide

For more about orphan sales, please see the page text on our buy-it-now page.

What is an Orphan Auction?

It's a chance to join a keeper or dynasty league, or any kind of multi-year league for that matter, for a cheap price. Instead of paying a deposit to join a new league, you can buy into an existing league by purchasing a team at auction.

DataForce orphan auctions are blind bidding auctions. That means you place a maximum bid in dollars, which is kept secret until the bid deadline arrives. If you are the high bidder, we sell the team to you at that price.

How Much Should I Bid?

As a rule of thumb, bid half the deposit held. You become the new owner of the deposit if you buy the team, so half-price isn't bad! For teams that are particularly attractive, you'll want to bid as much as the deposit or even higher, and for teams with no redeeming features at all, you should bid 20% of the deposit.

You may not bid less than 20% during the auction phase, but if the team goes unsold, you'll have a chance later to pick it up, perhaps for as low a price as $1, on the buy-it-now page.

Can I Bid on Two Teams in the Same League?

Yes, but of course you can't own two teams in the same league. If you win more than one, you'll have to make a choice. That said, please do not bid on a team if you don't have every intention of buying it at that price!

It works like this: When the auction ends, we choose the high bidder for each team and contact him or her, asking for payment. They have 48 hours to pay for the team, and if they win more than one team in the same league, they must choose which one to buy.

If for any reason a bid is not or cannot be honored within 48 hours, our software selects the next highest bidder, and gives that person 48 hours to pay for the team. This process continues until there are no potential buyers left.

When all potential buyers are exhausted, the team is assigned a new price by us, and it lands on the buy-it-now page.

Keeper/Dynasty Orphan Auction

DataForce's 2017 orphan auction has completed.

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There are no teams available for auction at this time.